Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vacation Owners & Property Managers?

How do I keep track of my rental guest?
When is my next rental payment due in?
Who has paid up to this point in time?
What still needs to be done for this rental?
When are they arriving, what date?
Where are my inquiries coming from, what listings?
What listings are providing me with the best ROI?
Which listing should I renew next year?
How do I get in contact with past guest?
How can I get in contact with past inquirers?
How can I continue to market to them all?
What is the best way to manage all this and stay sane?
Who has all the answers to these questions?
How can I stay in touch and on top of it all?
Who is asking all these questions and why?

Property managers and owners that do not have; a account!
That’s who!