Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rentalbot Tools & Services Walk Through

RentalBot offers Vacation Rental owners an unparalleled array of Property Management tools and services to keep you organized, on time and invest only on sites that are providing you with inquiries and bookings. Below are a few and how they work to help you…
Inquiries Script: Saves you the time it takes to enter inquiries into Rentalbot to build a marketing customer database.

 Book It: A fast and easy way to convert an inquiry to a reservation.

 Reservation: Payments – add and remove payments that add up to your rental fee. You can also add the refundable deposit collected and also add the refund as a negative number for easy tracking. 
  • Date Due:  
  • Date Received:
 These allow you to document and keep track of funds received and due as their names state.
  • Remind Me Date:
 You can set a reminder for each payment date you setup to receive a reminder email.
Expenses: You can use these to keep track of all expenses for said rental client. Maid, Property Manager, Repairs any other expense which may arise. You also have
  • Due Date
  • Date Paid
  • Remind Me Dates
  • Check # 
Another great way to stay organized and on time.
Task: You can setup all task associated with said rental client like Contract Due, flight Itinerary recorded, email maid, Return Deposit any other task associated with said rental client. You also have:
  • Complete by: 
  • Date Completed
  • Remind Me Date
 Other tools will be covered in blog and next newsletter…

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